Having access to customized equipment improves the games of Pros and Amateurs alike. Here at the Academy, we are bringing professional cusomization technology to you. Using Trackman Swing Analyzer, we assess how your clubs are performing with your swing, and with full access to club shaping tools and demo sets from leading manufacturers, we have the ability to fine-tune your equipment to your individual swing technique or set you up with custom-matched new clubs.

TrackMan uses the latest Doppler radar technology to monitor three-dimensional club-head movement and ball flight from impact to landing. The Golf Professional will also make specific recommendations for grip, shaft, flex, length, lie angle, loft and head shape.


Driver Fitting

To bomb the ball down the fairway, you need the club with the perfect shape, angle, weight and shaft strength to match your swing. At Golf in the Pearl, we have the technology to get you on the green in 2.

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Fairway/Hybrid Fitting

A good hybrid / rescue club will dig you out of the the trickiest situations, but theyre also great for a careful shot off the tee. With a full suite of hybrid clubs for you to try, youll find the perfect club to build your confidence on the longer holes.

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Iron Fitting

If you find that your irons are becoming inconsistent or youre getting too much turf when hitting from the fairway, your blades might need tweaked to bring the crisp shots back into your game. Visiting our club fitting experts for a custom analysis and adjustment will bring your scores down in the upcoming season.

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Putter Fitting

For 3- and 30-footers alike, having a putter that feels good makes all the difference. Come check out our stock or get a new shaft or grip on your favorite tapper.

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Full Fitting

For beginners and experienced golfers alike, sometimes you just need to replace the whole bag. A fresh start is right around the corner at Golf in the Pearl.

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Iron/Wedge Gapping

Sticking it to the green is one of the most important shots in golf, and its necessary to know the distances for each of your wedges to get close to the pin. We can modify the lie angle or lofts on your wedges, or set you up with gap wedges to fill the space between your pitching wedge and putter.

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