Practice and improve your golf game even if its raining in Portland. Use our Element 6 and Trackman simulators and stay dry and comfortable while fine-tuning your swing, or learning the game from a professional.


“This place is awesome. The simulator is legit. Very accurate and to have trackman there as well. WOW. Brian Nosler is a great player and teacher and will definitely get you straightened out.”
– Keith M.

“this is definitely a place you should check out when you’re ready for your next club purchase. Brian is an incredible instructor and now has a great facility to teach out of.”
– Nick P.

“Getting on the trackman with Brian has absolutely saved me strokes. Whether we’re playing a virtual round with instruction or just honing a specific shot, Loose Cannon is a great place to tune up.”
– Sam N.

“There is nothing like this in the city. Club repair, instruction, trackman rounds and even just general supervised practice. I’ve been talking to my buddies about doing something like this for ages, i’m glad someone actually followed through.”
– Jeff T.


45 Minutes $65
5 x 45 Minute Sessions $250
10 x 45 Minute Sessions $400
JR Rate 45 Minutes (18 & Under) $40

Book Instruction


1 x Hour $40

Book Simulator Time